light beam bar lavender amethyst


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psychic dreamer 

Chakra : Crown & Third eye

Mantra : "I am here to awaken your soul and allow you to really see"

Calm activation, this beautifully gentle energy that lavender amethyst emits gently awakens the soul to spiritual growth at a pace and level in tune with your being.

The more you wear her, the more she slowly allows your to "see" and awaken your natural intuitive gifts.  She is extremely patient and leads us on our spiritual journey in a harmonious way.

Her frequency slowly opens the crown chakra to receive and activates the pineal gland behind the third eye to engage and reawaken our natural gifts.

If you prefer and align with a gentler pace on your spiritual journey, then she calls 

The many facets encapsulate light and energy within the crystal and refract in light codes and rainbows at a highly charged vibration.

Each crystal is cut from her raw form and measures approximately 27x5mm wide.

crystals come from earth, colours and shades may vary as each piece is unique 

She is mounted on 14k Gold Vermeil, 14k Rose Gold Vermeil or Sterling silver.

Each light beam bar is placed on a 45cm chain of your choice

Snake Chain is not available in Rose Gold

"Awaken Your Magic"



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