Huntress Moon Necklace


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Huntress Moon Necklace 

Crystal Collection

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Let the stars be your guiding light in the dark of the night and the moon your strength in the search for enlightenment 

The Huntress Moon Necklace is carved from crystal by hand in India.

She is carved in the shape of the crescent moon and simultaneously represents the horns of the wild. She is pure self discovery, guidance and embellished with symbolism on the hunt for something more.

Each moon is carved in 18mm from black onyx crystal or pink peruvian opal.

She is suspended on a 2mm, 14k Gold Vermeil, 14k Rose Gold Vermeil or Sterling silver band and embellished with your guiding star, which sits above the crescent and is embedded with a 1mm sparkling topaz stone.

Placed on a 45cm chain, she floats beautifully below your first layer.

This piece has an incredibly energy representing self discovery and authenticity

She is connection with the earth in a wild, untamed energy that is enchantingly beautiful.

Choose black onyx for authentic energetic connection to Earth, grounding, balance and setting healthy boundaries.

Choose pink peruvian opal for releasing stress and tension, especially from past wounds and freeing the soul from the shackles of old emotional damage.

Each piece is carved and set by hand and may vary slightly in shape and size.


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