Lakshi - Mexican Fire Opal Necklace


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I am Passion   

Chakra : solar plexus & sacral 

Mantra “I have been shown a path of light, of powerful embodiment of pure heart and love”

Our lakshi necklace is an intricately handed beaded piece using natural precious and semi precious crystals.

Featuring a total of 12 faceted crystal beads, accentuated by the intricacy of hand carved saucer beads in gold or silver.

Each piece is created by hand and delicately threaded and weaves to create an Indian inspired chain in colourful and powerful frequency natural stones.

Our Lakshi necklace can be worn as a choker at 39cm and features 2 adjustments up to 49cm to adjust to layering with various ishk pieces.

The beauty of the detailing in this necklace speaks in a whisper to the souls delight.

All crystal beads are of the highest quality and authentically precious in their nature.


Illuminating all that simmers inside the solar plexus, igniting the passion of what needs to be followed , what shall become reality and stirring soul into a place where the fire is burning so bold and bright that the sheer passion of manifesting the dream into reality unfolds.



Our emeralds are of the highest quality and exude depth of colour and beauty beyond souls comprehension 

Her frequency is a powerful heart ascension energy. She is protective and encompassing of the hearts journey to ascend into a love of all, of everything and all that is, without judgement, fear, conditions.

Her connection is at one with nature, with the very beginnings of time, form an ancient place - a land soul is vaguely familiar with.


She is the call to authenticity, for what good is a heart with a soul that does not allow itself to feel ?

She ruffles feathers and cracks open the hearts most vulnerable side, unveiling the beauty of the strength within.

Once she gets into the darkness of the heart, she shines a light so bright, the heart glows and illuminates what lies in her path, with passion and authentic love.

All our pink sapphires are of the highest quality and sourced ethically from India, the depth of her colour is completely natural and exudes the highest frequency.

All our lakshi chokers/ necklaces are 14k gold fill or Stirling silver.

adjustable 29 cm - 39cm 

layer the different crystals by adjusting the lengths and collecting all the lakshi necklaces to layer with each other 

inspired by my Nanna for my Nanna , Gwendoline 



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