Verdelite Raw Wrap - limited release- mini and slim pieces only available


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Verdelite Raw Wrap - limited release 

Crystal Collection 

Product Details

The Verdelite raw wrap is a limited release for ritual.  Each collection, we select a rare crystal and contact our exclusive contacts in the mines to access the most beautiful and rarest batches of earthly treasures.  

This raw wrap is placed on 45 cm standard chain or willow or rosary chain.

For ritual, we have chosen verdelite ( green tourmaline ) to represent the very depth of mother earths heart and resonate with her connection with nature. Indicolite is an intense blue- teal colour that is translucent, gem quality finished and extremely rare in her flawless state. 

Accept her for what she is,as every piece is unique, raw , untouched and completely organic - as she was birthed by mother nature. 

Some pieces may be suitable for horizontal wraps and pictures are available for you to select  your beauty on request. 

She is natures best healing crystal, channeling her electrical energy to the centre of ones being and creating a flow of wholesome energy throughout the whole body. She is the universal cleansing crystal that clears blockages from our aura.

This rare batch of Indicolite was sourced exclusively by Ishk for ritual.



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