Green Tourmaline - Verdelite


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rebirth & cleansed

chakra : heart 

Mantra : "I immerse myself in mother earths energy and cleanse my being from the core, time to dance , time for rebirth and renewal"

Green Torumaline, also known as Verdelite, encompassed the energy of nature herself.

Her energy is akin to that of being beautifully naked, stripped bare, in the depths of the forest , arms outstretched and in "receiving" mode.

She takes in all the elements, earth, water, air fire and cleanses the whole bodies energy points, beginning at hearts centre and streaming healing light in all directions.

Her cleanse, her energetic connection with nature recharges your very being and allows for release and rebirth.

She is calling for you to return to your path.

Use her for guidance and direction and evoking rebirth.

All Ishk pieces have a 2cm extension with an intuitively chosen crystal bead at the clasp.

Horizontal and Vertical Options available 

All green tourmaline is placed on a 45cm chain, this is recommended in scale with the size of the crystal 

we only have small pieces available of Verdelite measuring on average 18-23mm

"Awaken Your Magic"




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