meet rebecca - the creator of ishk jewels

I share with you, the power and beauty of crystals. 
Crystals have always been in my life, since I was a little girl. I was drawn their hypnotic frequency and knew, from very early on; that they had a lot more to offer than just being aesthetically beautiful.
From the age of 6, I began working with crystals through play and would often take guidance from what I could only describe as "angels" that would visit me regularly.
Growing up, I was encouraged to work with the angels, crystals , the moon's energy and source (God) 
Through inner knowing (intuition) and dreams, I was able to share the knowledge of crystal energy, of our own energy and any guidance i was given to help others.
When I was a little girl, my Nanna would adorn me in her collections of beads and jewels from her home country, India. She loved colour and would wrap me in layers of beads and shiny crystals and I would be in awe of the beauty and energy each piece possessed.
Ishk evolved from a strong desire to be able to create pieces that used these magical crystals that i could share with others to awaken their own magic, to unlock their own gifts and offer a healing piece that could be worn daily to remind us how incredibly amazing each and every on of us really are.
I create for all the woman in my ancestral lineage, for my daughters and for each and every one of you.
Ishk translates to love in Indian, and that is exactly where each piece is created from - love
I believe in you
awaken your magic