Awaken Earring


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Awaken Earring 

Crystal Collection

Product Description

Shards of raw organic green tourmaline are wrapped delicately in a 2mm band of 14k Gold vermeil, 14k Rose Gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver.

Each pair is selected and matched by hand, so no two pieces are exactly the same and exhibit the raw beauty of naturally formed tourmaline.

Each piece varies between 6-9mm in length and 3mm thick.

The Awaken studs are perfectly sized for everyday wear on their own or designed to layer with our moonlight hoops.

Green Tourmaline awakens and cleanses the soul allowing her to open up fully and wholly embracing new opportunities and spiritual growth.  She is at one with Mother Earth ( nature ) and connects us to the magic of nature's energy.


Please note that each piece is one hundred per cent natural and not cut to shape or size. Variations may occur in length and colour, but this is the divine beauty of this piece.

Colours vary from light green, to olive green with some variances.

Each beauty will be chosen at random as she is calls to you.  

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