Black Magic Sleeper


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Black Magic Sleeper

Crystal Collection

Product Description

Black Magic Sleepers are the perfect little shield to repel and disperse negative energy. Black onyx acts as a grounding that evokes great strength and willpower when worn. She also acts like a shield around our spiritual energy (aura) that prevents us from taking on negative energy or the burdens of other peoples problems. 

She repels this energy and deflects it away from our core being.

This is Ishk's first custom earring, where you can choose to add crescent moon and star charms to your black onyx that are removable depending on your mood.

A 15mm terminated polished black onyx is capped in 14k Gold Vermeil, 14k Rose Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver and placed on a 16mm sleeper made from filled gold.

You can choose to have the crystal as a solitaire piece or add a 5mm star or crescent moon.  The charms are removable.

Each crystal, moon and star is cut exclusively for Ishk.

Create your protective piece depending on your energy. 


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