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Psychic Awakening

Chakra : Third Eye & Crown 

Mantra : " I awaken my soul to roam into the realm of psychic awareness and activate intuition " 

The mind activator, enabling the connection between consciousness and unconsciousness to be restored.

Unearthed for the first time in Pakistan, extremely recently in 2019, when the world was to need it the most, her calling is infallible and when she beckons you - it is most certainly time to connect with her frequency.

She will expand awareness as she connects with the third eye and crown chakra in synergy, stirring and opening the vortex to higher consciousness.

The connection is made to higher self to initiate a spiritual journey in a calm and beautifully paced frequency the soul can resonate and grow with.

Meditate with her to absorb her energy as she allows the physical body to enter a frequency so relaxed, that the soul slips out of the body and into a higher vibrations without hesitation or blockages 


All our carribean calcite is ethically mined

Pieces may exhibit naturally occurring irregularities, that are nothing short of natural miracles, including small druzy type vugs (cave like entrances in the stone) 

Colours vary from blue , to crisp whites and beachy sand coloured tones

We have two sizes available 

Medium -approx 30-40mm

Large - approx 40 -50mm 

Chain Lengths

Medium : 45cm

Large : 50cm

Please specify choice of crystal for crystal soft willow options and triple goddess options 


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