Cleansing bundle


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Cleansing Pack


Ishk small batch handmade cleansing packs are completely organic and made from homegrown, toxin free herbs and roses from my very own garden.

Cleansing sticks are made with fresh sage for bacterial cleansing , rosemary for purification and lavender for relaxation. She is sprinkled with home grown rose petals representing new beginnings and love.

Each cleansing stick is packaged in a Muslin bag and teamed with a crystal.

Instructions on how to sage and cleanse a space are included.

Each stick can be used a several times to clear a space

Saging is an ancient ritual that has been used for thousands of years in many cultures to move stagnant energy 

The smoke attaches to the negative energy and as the smoke clears so does the negative energy. The bad energy is then released into another dimension in order to shift and transform into something more positive.

Just as we physically clean our homes, it is important to energetically cleanse our space on a regular basis.

Sage Sticks can be used to cleanse our spaces, auras, jewellery and crystals.

If you are feeling lethargic, unwell, emotional or negative- it may be time for cleanse.

Each kit contains 

  • one sage stick 
  • one crystal 
  • a Muslin Ishk keep bag 



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