Crown Chakra Ring Charm

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Crown Chakra Ring Charm 

Ascension, Receptiveness, Connection, Balance

Our Chakra mini ring charms are hand drawn with symbology that activates that particular chakra.

Designed specifically as a meditative charm, whereby the sub conscious strokes, feels and spins the ring between the fingers, connecting with the frequency that corresponds to that chakra and activating her on a deep healing level.

The crown chakra is your souls powerful connection to the divine, to source, to ascension, to the all knowing.

When all the other chakras are in good harmony, the crown chakra, like a flower opens gracefully and beautifully and downloads from source, a higher power begin to flow.

You will see, feel and experience the most divine messages and feelings from source.

She is the funnel that pours the most magnificent downloads direct from source into the physical body, delivering the message direct to soul in a language that she can understand and comprehend - effortlessly

It is SO important to have the other chakras in balance before she is ready to be in a state of pure receptive frequency.

Balanced means having an understanding of esoteric and universal law, having the desire to learn, read, investigate and accumulate knowledge of ancient history and practices , being in tune with the rest of your chakras so you know what to do with the knowledge that is being poured into your soul.

Out of Balance?

Wandering around with an open crown chakra, accepting the downloads, without the knowledge to use them can be overwhelming for the physical body 

It can make you feel dizzy, disconnected, light headed and unable to focus.

Start slow, read , seek and learn.

Its time to work on the crown chakra when you feel a deep sense of longing for more. When you are deeply called to follow other paths.  When you are already following and deeply trusting your intuition as your guide.

You may have begun to have prophetic dream, and feel more in tune with what is happening around you , beyond you and with you.


Our chakra charms will slide over most existing ishk chains, or choose to create your own chakra centrepiece on our new chakra chain.

We recommend 3 chakras at a time to ease into the energy of finding balance and activation.


6mm diameter solid ring charm 

Embossed hand drawn lotus symbol (crown opening)

14k gold vermeil and stirling silver 

Embedded with a 1.2mm natural amethyst

Placed on a 40cm chain with 3 extensions to 46cm 

Available to purchase seperately

mix or match your metals 

Pictured on our Chakra Chain - special edition

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