Crystal Quartz Moon - limited Edition


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Crystal Quartz Moon 

Chakra : Crown

Mantra : "I am the frequency of peace, harmony and balance. I amplify all that elevates my vibration"

This illuminated hand carved crystal crescent moon is incredibly calming, vibrating at a gentle energy of peace as she aligns all the energy centers.

She is incredibly soothing and calming balancing the mind, body and soul.

If the earths frequency vibrated in tune with the harmony of clear quartz, earth would sing in her beautiful energy and overcome much darkness

Our crystal Quartz moons are multi - faceted and capture light frequency and energy in every sense of her faceted beauty.

Each moon is carved exclusively for ishk and measures 16mm.  

Her frequency dances with the light codes in perfect harmony 

Our Quartz moons are placed on a 42cm chain 

Please leave in the comments any special requests for crystals beads that are placed at the clasp or into the chain ( soft crystal willow and willow chain only )

View our chain styles here 

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