Egyptian citrine Sun - limited edition


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transform, inspire, create

Chakra : solar plexus

Mantra : "  I am"                                                                                                          "At the core of my soul, I express and create without inhibition"

Part of our newest release - inspired from ancient hieroglyphics from ancient egyptian text, their depiction of the sun.  

A powerful source of energy, of enlightenment, recharge.

A 2mm perfectly polished citrine is the centre piece of this powerful energetically charged jewel as the rays penetrate in strong direct connection down towards the solar plexus chakra.

This piece is energizing and awakens and stimulates the "I am " mantra from deep within .

If you are feeling a sense of lost identity, strayed from your journey and need to rediscover souls path, she will show you the way through creative medium, igniting new ideas and creative spark 

Our egyptian suns measure 4-5mm approx.

She is placed on a 36-40cm chain of choice with chain a 2cm chain exrtension.

We do not recommend longer chain lengths for this pendant due to the scale and size of the pendant


"Awaken Your Magic"



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