Fluorite Necklace


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focused intent ~psychic protection  

chakra : third eye 

Mantra : "The keeper of dreams, I keep the soul in high alignment and on a journey that does not stray from the path of alignment"


We call her the keeper of dreams, as her powerful frequency shields you from psychic manipulation.  This happened often in the dream state as we relax and open the conscious mind to the astral realm 

She is a third eye activator that links the human mind to universal consciousness and opens the channels to spirit.

Her synergy with the upper chakras allows her to heighten mental abilities and assist in mental clarification and processing of information inside the mind.

She is a high absorber of energy and can clear lower vibrational energy from your aura as well as working with others.

Fluorite can calm the mind and harmonize her energy in line with the other chakras.


Our fluorite pieces vary in colour including green, blue and purple- blue fluorite

Please select a colour from our menu, please note that the colours may not be block colours and can include variations of other fluorite colours inside of her.

The colour you select will be predominantly that colour

Fluorite is soft rating 4 pn the MOHS scale, dropping her may cause her to break

Sizes vary from 22mm - 40mm long

Placed on a 45cm chain 

Please specify your crystal for the crystal soft willow and the triple goddess option 

View our chain styles here 

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