Heart Chakra Ring Charm

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Heart Chakra Ring Charm 

Love, Awakening, Acceptance

Our Chakra mini ring charms are hand drawn with symbology that activates that particular chakra.

Designed specifically as a meditative charm, whereby the sub conscious strokes, feels and spins the ring between the fingers, connecting with the frequency that corresponds to that chakra and activating her on a deep healing level.

Your Heart chakra is the centre of your souls universe

An open and balanced heart activation evokes MAGICK! She embodies pure love , and is able to lead, to open your whole being to the most powerful frequency on Earth - the love frequency.

A balanced heart chakra is available to love and be loved in a healthy, beautiful way, without conditions.

Love is the language of the soul.

Your heart is connection to all and everything in this physical, emotional and spiritual plane.


Out of Balance?

Work on your heart chakra balance if you feel an innate sense of loneliness, the obsession to "control" everything in relationships or if you place conditions on love. 

True, authentic love is unconditional.

Emotionally, you may feel constantly defensive, unworthy and aggressive or unwanted.

Its hard to love anything or anyone if you do not love self first.

Work on the heart for harmonic connection to source 


Our chakra charms will slide over most existing ishk chains, or choose to create your own chakra centrepiece on our new chakra chain.

We recommend 3 chakras at a time to ease into the energy of finding balance and activation.


6mm diameter solid ring charm 

Embossed hand drawn heart symbol 

14k gold vermeil and stirling silver 

Embedded with a 1.2mm natural tsavorite (green garnet) 

Placed on a 40cm chain with 3 extensions to 46cm 

Available to purchase separately

mix or match your metals  

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