huntress moon necklace


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the huntress

Chakra : heart & base 

Mantra : " I am pure goddess energy embracing every part of my inner being without judgement  " 


The Huntress Moon Necklace is carved from our hand selected crystals  by hand in India.

She is carved in the shape of the crescent moon and simultaneously represents the horns of the wild.

She is pure self discovery, guidance and embellished with symbolism on the hunt for something more.

Her mounting features a single hand carved star with an inset sparkling white 1mm topaz - she is your guiding light.

Our huntress moons are carved in Black Onyx and Pink Peruvian Opal.

Pink Opal - she is a strong emotional healer with an intensity to lift the veil on what is hidden and reveal the pure heart of the matter.  Nothing hides when opal is near, it cannot help but reveal truth.  

Black Onyx - spiritual protection and grounding, black onyx has a strong vibration that earth's us from core to ground and have the clarity, strength and confidence to set healthy boundaries in relationships with others. She can also shield the our energy from taking on lower vibration energies.

Each moon is carved in 18mm from black onyx crystal or pink peruvian opal.

She is placed on a 45cm chain style of your choiceEach piece is carved and set by hand and may vary slightly in shape and size.

Colour variations are common as we cut from the natural opal which has both pink and white inclusions.


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