Light Beam Bar


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Light Beam Bar

Crystal Collection 

Product Details 

The Light Beam Bar is a multi-faceted hand carved crystal created to reflect and refract light.  

The many facets encapsulate light and energy within the crystal and refract in light codes and rainbows at a highly charged vibration.

She has been specifically designed with light coding and and energy storage in mind.

Each crystal is cut from her raw form and measures approximately 27mm long x 5mm wide.

She is mounted by a 2mm band of 14k Gold Vermeil, 14k Rose Gold Vermeil or Sterling silver and placed on a 45cm chain of your choice, featuring a 2cm extension.

This piece is refined , classic and energetically hypnotic. 

She is designed to wear as your second layer.

We have included crystals that are rarer and unique in the light beam range to evoke the feeling of connecting to a different kind of frequency,

Moonstone for emotional healing, and connection with the divine feminine

Green Amethyst, magically transformed from purple amethyst due intense volcanic heat and earth's core, she bridges the connection between worlds and transforms our current thought  patterns 

Lemon Quartz is abundantly prosperous and welcomes new opportunities and is queen of manifesting.

Pink Amethyst is the gentle heart re-connection and powerful protector from spirits and negative energies.

Rainbow Fluorite encompasses the healing of blue, purple and green fluorite and offers a powerful cocktail of focus, strength, grounding and connection.

Rose Quartz offers soft and gentle heart energy to heal emotional trauma surrounding self worth.

All light beam crystals are cut from raw crystal by hand so colours and sizes may vary slightly.

Pink Amethyst is a lavendar hue.

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