Moon Ritual Gift Pack


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Moon Ritual Gift Pack


The moon ritual gift pack is the perfect guide to use every day as well as during the full moon cycles. 

She includes

  • An A3 moon phase calendar printed on 300gsm for framing in metallic gold and black indicating all phases of the moon including, new moon, waxing moon, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent and which date they occur 
  • A double sided A5 key on 300gsmpapwr in metallic gold and black  that explains each phase of the moon and a guide to aligning with the Lunar cycles. On the reverse side is a explanations on major moon events for 2019 
  • a handmade organic sage stick made with sage, rosemary, lavender and dried garden grown rose petals 
  • a rose quartz, jade or amethyst crystal to generate and focus your lunar energy.

Perfect for your daily reminders on when to set intentions and goals, when to release unwanted energy, when to let go, refine and align and when to take action.

Your cleansing stick can be used many times to clear and cleanse your space and make room for renewal, spiritual growth and inspire change.

Use your crystal in harmony with your cleansing stick and cleanse with the full moon.

If you have a crystal preference, please note in comments  jade, amethyst or rose quartz 

The perfect pack to release your inner moon goddess.


Please note that the moon calendar are posted separately and are shipped free of charge.

Sage bundles are boxed with your crystal to keep them safe.


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