Morganite Necklace


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Our morganite points embody the energy or pure love and connection 

Her frequency exudes unconditional and divine love 

She works into the heart chakra and awakens her frequency to attract what serves souls highest purpose.

She attracts the energy of pure embodiment and connects soul contracts - soul family ( twin flames and past life connections )

Morganite forgives all and allows the heart to encompass and feel the highest vibration of love.

The frequency of love eliminates all fear and doubt and elevates the soul to stay in high vibration .

High vibration heightens and assists flow and manifestation 

Our morganite points are mini points in a beautiful intense peachy pink hue.

Chains longer than 45cm are not recommended due to the size and scale of our morganite crystal 

Morganite is classified as a semi precious crystal 


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