ocean kyanite


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ocean kyanite

Chakra : Third Eye, Soul Star Chakra

Mantra : "I am connected to source and trust in the messages I receive - I am ready to awaken my gifts"

The rarest crystal on Earth.

Ocean Kyanite evokes in us a deep spiritual journey. 

She is the ultimate "awakening" 

Her frequency is the bridge between Earth and the spiritual realm as she bridges and connects the two worlds, allowing you to access your guides, messengers and astral travel across multiple dimensions. 

Meditate with her to establish the connection between worlds. 

She will unveil a spiritual journey of teaching, connection and trusting intuition.

As the sunlight illuminates her core, she glows a brilliant teal colour.

Ocean Kyanite is placed on a chain of your choice

All Ishk pieces have a 2cm extension with an intuitively chosen crystal at the clasp.

Ocean kyanite is rare and was discovered in a particular location in the Northern Territory, Australia.  There was one pocket of this newly discovered crystal located and no subsequent pockets have been discovered. 

This pocket is almost exhausted, therefore this crystal is extremely limited.

Chain Sizes :


Small : 42 cm

Medium : 45 cm

Large : 50 cm



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