pink tourmaline


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The Nurturer

Chakra : Heart

Mantra : " You are never alone, I am here for you. Lean into me and I will support you"

please note: small pieces available only at this time 15 -20mm only 

One of the most nurturing crystals on Earth - Pink Tourmaline.  Her frequency can be likened to a comforting hug from Mum. 

Pink Tourmaline is deeply nurturing on a soul level and can feel to some a "familiar" energy. That is because she connects us directly into source and allows us to feel unconditional love.

She will carry you through your deepest emotional journeys in life and allow you to feel supported on an emotional and spiritual level.

Her energy is so strong in the realm of love, she calls to souls beyond this realm and connects into their energy creating an everlasting bond.  Usually to those of unborn children or family members that have passed into the spiritual realm.

Babies and children are especially drawn to her deeply nurturing energy. 

Each crystal is delicately wrapped on the chain style of your choice.

Our chain for pink tourmaline is 45-50cm and showcases the crystals proportions on the best possible length.

Our current pink tourmaline is approximately 20mm long 

Some our pink tourmaline pieces have flashes of green tourmaline throughout. This is a natural phenomenon and simply combines the nurture energy of pink tourmaline with cleansing and intuitive green tourmaline.

 "Awaken Your Magic"

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