Pink Tourmaline Ring GOLD


Pink Tourmaline  

Chakra : heart & crown 

Mantra : "I nurture, support and love on a level beyond the physical realm"

Pink Tourmaline is a soft energy, a crystal that connects with the heart and crown chakra.

Her vibration is a soft, yet sweet frequency that has the ability to link the heart and crown, infusing an awakening of enlightenment.

Pink Tourmaline reduces anxiety and stress and brings  a sense of ease.  Primarily she is known as the stone that bonds parent and child, and calls intensely to the a child's vibration.

one of the most loving stones, pink tourmaline is spiritually calming and fills the soul with a sense of calm and wellbeing.


Limited edition, each tourmaline is unique and individual

You are purchasing the tourmaline featured

This piece has a deep pink hue


oval  tourmaline measures 8mm long x 7mm wide

claw set on a knife edge band to highlight the crystals beauty 

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