Sigil Necklace


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awaken & fight

Sigil’s are symbols that have been created with purpose and intention and hold magical powers once activated.

Sigils date back to ancient times as early, if not before christ.

The most significant historical recording of a powerful sigil was king Solomon’s sigil, named the seal of Solomon

As the story goes, the sigil for the seal of Solomon was a gift from the angelic realm, and engraved by God himself.

It was gifted in the form of a ring and the symbol symbolises super human wisdom and the rule by divine grace.

The symbols were used to seal the commands of spirit in the form of both good and bad - light and darkness

Our sigil comes at a time in history on earth like no other. 
A time where we are at the precipice of great transition, transcendence and growth in the form of light and experiencing the pain and tightly holding onto old constructs in the form of darkness

The sigil was designed by Talyea from luna soul tarot, harnessing her wisdom on ancient magic and theology.

It imprinted into the amulet in ancient Theban script, a language used for many many moons in the form of Latin script.

Her meaning is AWAKEN AND FIGHT.

We are summoning all the earthbound and heavenly bound souls to awaken to a higher consciousness and fight to reclaim, remember and rise to the power inside of you.

An activation of this spell was necessary and was performed just before the peak of the lunar eclipse on 19th November, 2021

The activation ritual was filmed and a link will be placed on our website and Instagram to view this powerful ritual.

With the amulet now awakened, the spell to awaken the people is now active and the message has been sent, the command has been made.

Even if the wearer is not aware of the story of our sigil,it will still impart its magic of awakening on a deeply subconscious level.

Embedded with black obsidian, a protective stone form darker entities, it allows the soul to actively rise and takes down the conditioning thrust upon us.

It is time to remember 

It is time to awaken and to fight.

A revolution has begun 




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