Solar Plexus Chakra Ring Charm

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Solar Plexus Chakra Ring Charm 

Personal Power, Creativity, Manifesting 

Our Chakra mini ring charms are hand drawn with symbology that activates that particular chakra.

Designed specifically as a meditative charm, whereby the sub conscious strokes, feels and spins the ring between the fingers, connecting with the frequency that corresponds to that chakra and activating her on a deep healing level.

Your Solar Plexus is your PERSONAL POWER.

The ability to lead, to take action and channel energy into manifesting your desires into reality.

Your willpower resides in this chakra and she is so important to be in balance

She is the core of your identity, personality and ego.

She is the energy vortex from which creation is spawned.


Out of Balance?

Choose to work with the solar when you feel creatively blocked, an inability to discern the ego from soul, aggressive or over reactive.

When we are coming from a place of unbalanced solar plexus, our soul is led astray by the ego.

Balancing solar plexus brings confidence and success, she will allow you to flow through life and all her challenges, led by soul.

A sense of purpose will be awakened and you will soon become a super manifesting soul.

Solar plexus in balance is the compass on point into our true journey and purpose in this life.

Our chakra charms will slide over most existing ishk chains, or choose to create your own chakra centrepiece on our new chakra chain.

We recommend 3 chakras at a time to ease into the energy of finding balance and activation.


6mm diameter solid ring charm 

Embossed hand drawn crescent sun symbol (solar plexus symbology)

14k gold vermeil and stirling silver 

Embedded with a 1.2mm natural Citrine 

Placed on a 40cm chain with 3 extensions to 46cm 

Available to purchase separately

mix or match your metals  

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