Transcend Drop Earring


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Transcend Drop Earring 

Crystal Collection 

Product Details

This delicate drop earring features natural tourmaline suspended on rope chain.  The tourmaline anchors a crescent moon or Egyptian sun. 

Each handmade earring is unique and the tourmaline colour may differ in shade and colour - this is part of the magic. 

Choose to anchor a 8mm crescent moon or 8 mm Egyptian sun.

The crescent moon represents the cyclic nature of life, our ebbs and flows and has a peaceful energy encouragin us to ride the wave.  

The Egyptian sun features a polished 2mm citrine centre piece vibrating the energy of ambition and motivation - complete surrender and in powerful harmony with the suns fierce energy. 

The Egyptian Sun design in this piece is inspiration from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and represents transformation , transcendence and ascension. 

Used in combination with raw tourmaline pieces she is a spectacular force.

Lift the veil and feel the magic.

Each piece of tourmaline is hand chosen and cut , shades may match or vary slightly as this is a natural stone and differ to one another in the pair 



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