watermelon tourmaline


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emotional balance

Chakra : Heart

Mantra : " I feel into my emotions and express them openly to heal"

Gentle and nurturing pink tourmaline encased in the energetically connected green tourmaline.

These energies combined are a match made in heaven.  The pink tourmaline at her core is essentially her beating heart.  She exudes the frequency of nurturing, loving and emotionally stable energy

The Green Tourmaline carries a calming vibration deeply connected with nature.

Together, they work in synergy to emotionally balance and calm the soul and allow you to express your emotions freely and without fear of judgement.

On a soul level, the green tourmaline is a deeply nurturing and cleansing crystal and is especially aligned with emotional expressions and a feeling of inner strength and confidence.

Each watermelon tourmaline is hand wrapped on a chain style of your choice.

Horizontal Mounting options are available..

All Ishk pieces come with a 2cm extension and intuitively chosen crystal bead at her clasp.

All our watermelon pieces are in their natural state, they are predominantly cylindrical shaped, although they may not appear perfectly proportional due to their natural form.


crystal sizes vary and can be selected in the options below.

Chain Lengths,

Small : 40cm 

Medium :45cm

Large : 50cm



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