Aura Necklace


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Aura Necklace

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The Aura necklace showcases Ishk's love of pure herkimer diamonds.

Each herkimer diamond in the Aura series is an authentic herkimer diamond sourced from Herkimer County mines in New York.

A flawless diamond is organically wrapped and delicately caged in 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill or sterling silver.  Suspended on a 45cm cable chain, she floats effortlessly like a fallen star. 

Choose from a small 8-10 mm diamond or a larger 10-12mm treasure. 

Each piece features a baby herkimer diamond on the clasp for added magic.

You may choose standard cable chain, willow chain, diamond rosary chain or braided rope chain.

Herkimer diamonds are the stone of alignment and help us to refocus and realign our energy with our life's true purpose. She powerfully activates our crown and third eye chakra to allow us to become accurately intuitive and receive messages and guidance from source. 

All Herkimer diamonds in the Aura Series are ethically mined in Herkimer county and are graded as AAA in clarity.  Herkimers naturally form in a double terminated shape in little herkimer clusters, which then break away naturally from each other. As we only use herkimers in their natural state ( not machined or worked by man) exactly as they are birthed by mother nature, please accept her imperfections as natures :"perfection"  This may include carbon inclusions, keyhole inclusions with crystal memories (imprints or indentations on the sides) or slightly irregular shapes. This in fact contributes to the uniqueness and energy each little diamond carries

Herkimer Diamonds are tiny double terminated crystals that are generally water clear. These little treasures are close to 500 million years old and are the most powerful in the crystal kingdom. Herkimer diamonds can receive, store, transmit and amplify energy, attuning the wearer to adapt and draw on their energy to almost any situation.

With love and light 


As we use crystals in their raw and natural state, meaning no treatments or dying, each is unique and may be different to what is pictured here. Crystals in their raw state prolong the longevity and energy of your one of a kind ISHK piece.


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