Care and Maintenance

Let's take a moment to explore the materials we use when creating our ishk pieces.

the metals

14k gold fill & 14k rose gold fill

a revolutionary metal which comprises of a base metal that is coated in a very thick layer of solid gold or rose gold. The layer is so thick , she wears like a solid gold piece, but she still requires a level of care.

gold fill and rose gold fill can be worn every day and showered in. however, just like solid gold, you should avoid swimming in pools as harsh chemicals are always present in the water. 

to care for her, use a soft polishing jewellery cloth to restore her sheen every now and then.  sometimes, the really fine chains gather more dirt, so we are avoiding using them, however if you find your chain is picking up dirt, simply soak her in a small bowl of warm water and washing detergent, scrub gently with a toothbrush and dry

when not in use, store your gold fill jewellery in her box

with the correct care and maintenance, she will maintain her lustre a lifetime.

she will not tarnish or blacken 

all ishk chains are gold fill

sterling silver

sterling silver, by nature, is a sensitive metal when exposed to the elements.

it will change colour if it is not stored correctly in your ISHK box or an airtight container, however, can be brought back to its original sheen with a soft jewellery polishing cloth.

the more sterling silver is worn, the better it maintains its colour and lustre due to the oils in our skin.

gold vermeil

this is a super metal that has a 925 sterling silver base and is plated in a thick coat of solid gold. 

we are lucky enough to place all our gold vermeil metals through an additional process called e-coating. this coats the gold with a strong resilient layer that preserves her finish longer.

gold vermeil should be stored in airtight containers or the ISHK box when not in use. 

only use a soft polish cloth on gold vermeil to avoid removing the gold/rose gold layer

do not swim in gold vermeil as the chemicals are harsh on any jewellery

it is natural for gold vermeil to wear with time and reveal the sterling silver base, but this is part of its character.

all our pendants, and mounts are gold vermeil

perfumes and moisturisers should be applied before or after you place your jewellery on.

do not spray perfume directly onto the jewellery 


the crystals 

I hand select the crystals, specify their clarity, lustre and finish and oly use gem grade stones

all our crystals are jewellery grade (gem quality) and sourced directly from their natural locations.- ethically.

our crystals include natural phenomena like keyhole inclusions, prisms, light fractures and are not of a perfect “shape “ because they are in fact grown by Earth herself and not manufactured or machine cut.

all our crystals are polished by hand and direct from earth - they are not mass produced.

where possible, we do not use heat treated crystals 

we never uses synthetic or manmade crystals or crystals that have been coloured or dyed- it’s just not us babe !

all crystals and gemstones are authentic and sourced from ethical, reputable suppliers. I only use genuine gemstones and crystals and do not compromise on quality

all precious diamonds are genuine.

Each ishk creation takes on average 1 hour to produce from start to finish, the love and care taken in each piece is unlike anything you will find in a mass produced or imported piece of jewellery. 

Expect a piece that is unique and unlike anything you have ever worn, expect an experience that is completely magical.

Love her like we loved creating her and you will find yourself with a memorable piece of magic you will hold onto forever