Ishk Chains

Our Ishk Chains are now available for individual sale.

We hand make each piece by weaving magickal crystal beads into golden and silver threads.

Using only the finest quality crystal beads, we infuse each chain with crystals of your choice to amplify the amulet and customise your piece.

 All Ishk Chain styles are designed by us, made by us and customised by us.

No two pieces are the same, meaning you are getting a unique piece unlike anything else.

We offer Standard, Willow Chain, Soft Willow, Crystal Soft Willow and our latest edition Isis and Triple Goddess Chain

Chains can be interchanged with your favourite Ishk Amulets.

Check each listing to ensure your amulet is interchangeable with your selected chain. 

Each Chain will feature a purposeful space for the amulet to sit between crystals beads or golden/silver balls.