Raw Wrap Black Tourmaline Necklace


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Raw Wrap Black Tourmaline Necklace

Raw Wrap Crystals 

Product Details 

Each piece within the Raw Wrap Crystal collection is hand selected and drilled by hand to enable her to be organically wrapped in 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver wire. I work with both polished and raw crystals. Each crystal is energetically cleansed and placed on a 55cm cable chain with a 2cm extension.  

You can choose your tourmaline shape.

Select cylindrical for her natural shape or point for a terminated piece. Note your preferred shape in the comments section.

Your chain length can be customised in options below

Please note that points cannot be horizontally wrapped.

 The crystals are wrapped alone as a solitaire.

These hand selected treasures from the earth are raw and unique, so you can be assured that no two pieces are alike.

This piece is ideal as your longest layer and feature treasure. 

Healing Properties

One of the most powerful protective stones in the crystal kingdom, Black tourmaline can provide a psychic shield around us, deflecting negative energy and preventing us from taking on others heavy energies and problems. She guards against negative entities and bad energy.

Black tourmaline is also an extremely powerful grounding stone that provides a connection between the Earth and the human spirit. Black Tourmaline has the ability to be electrically charged, allowing her a steady flow of energy. 

She is especially beneficial is others tend to "unload" their problems on you, and may be helpful in a work environment where there tends to be a lot of stressful energy.

Each vertically wrapped tourmaline varies between 25mm to 35mm

Each horizontally wrapped tourmaline piece varies between 20mm- 25mm

 With love and light


As we use crystals in their raw and natural state, meaning no treatments or dying, each is unique and may be different to what is pictured here. Crystals in their raw state prolong the longevity and energy of your one of a kind ISHK piece.

Please note: all of our pieces are made at the time of your order. Please allow 3 - 7 days for the creation of your unique piece and 3 - 5 days for shipping.

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