Golden Gateway Necklace


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Golden Gateway Necklace 

Crystal Collection 

Product Details

The heart of our entire collection - rare Golden Enhydro Herkimer diamonds.

Our Golden Enhydro Herkimer Diamonds are graded AAA and have the purest form of golden oil from Mother Earth encapsulated within them.

The golden oil inside them is unrefined, raw and natural and has been in the  herkimer diamond since her formation over a billion years ago.

Each diamond contains it own solar energy floating inside her core.  The glow on these treasures is hypnotically mind blowing as she glows naturally in the sunlight and iridescently under UV light.

Diamonds of this quality and clarity containing golden oils are rare and highly sought after.

Each Golden Herkimer is wrapped in a briolette style wrap to showcase the entire beauty of the diamond, and placed on a chain style of you choice.

As you connect with the energy of the Golden Gateway diamond, a passage is opened and major energetic shifts occur.

Her energy is intensely strong , allowing direct communication through to the unseen "Golden Gateway" 

The Golden Gateway is our connection to source, to higher consciousness, to our true soul.

I have studied each of these intensely and some have noted some additional other worldly phenomena about them. 

You will receive a written explanation detailing this with your order. 

Enjoy the magic and beauty of these rare amazing crystals.

Three sizes are available and each size and amount of oil inside the diamond varies.

Each diamond holds a minimum of one drop of oil inside her. 

The amount of oil does not determine the energy or vibration of the diamond, she is just as effective as those with more or less oil.

Diamonds will be selected at random and are extremely limited.

Recommended chain lengths 

Small diamond - 45cm

Medium diamond - 50cm 

Large diamond - 60cm


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