Enlighten Choker


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Enlighten Choker

Crystal Collection

Product Details

Get ready for an experience with the enlighten choker as she works to gently open the crown, third eye and higher chakras to strengthen our connection with our higher selves and align us with our true purpose.

Featuring 11 flawless herkimer diamonds measuring approximately 4-5mm, each herkimer is threaded by hand onto a rosary style chain that is 38cm featuring 3 x 1cm extensions, to loosen or tighten to your desired length.

Available in 14k Gold fill, 14k Rose Gold fill or Stirling Silver

The enlighten choker is designed to be worn as your first layer. She is unobtrusively magical and showcases the beauty and minimalism of authentic baby Herkimer diamond subtly. 

Do not underestimate the energy and power of these beauties, as she is the queen of crystal energy and her vibrations x 11 is strong.  We choose to showcase 11 Herkimer diamonds as she is the master number that resonates at the highest spiritual vibration and represents spiritual illumination and enlightenment.


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