amethyst necklace kids


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Chakra : Crown 

Mantra : "Never be afraid of your dreams or the dark again my child"

Soothes night terrors and shields vulnerable auras for psychic protection. 

She protects children in the dream world and evokes colorful, positive dreams. 

Amethyst allows children to access their intuition and dreams, yet protects little ones from spiritual attack until they can learn to activate their own grounding.  

Each Crystal is placed on a chain length according to age. 

When the half rosary option is selected, there are three crystal beads placed on either side of the main crystal.  The crystals are intuitively chosen to work in symphony with the Amethyst

If you have a preference for the beads, please list below and we will do our best to work them into your piece.

Extensions are placed on each chain so your child can wear her for many years.

Boys chains do not have the three crystals on each side and are placed on a close link box chain.

Please note in comments if this is for a boy.

Rose Gold is not available for Boys.

Crystal Size : 13mm long x 4mm wide approx 




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