Raw Wrap Crystals

About our raw wrapped crystal collection

Raw wrapped crystals are selected in their rawest and most organic form possible so that I can harness the maximum amount of energy from them.
Some of the crystals are hand drilled by me. I never use glue or chemicals that may react with the crystals natural elements. Drilling also allows me to connect with your crystal and sometimes, I will include a message the crystal may have for you in your order.
Every piece is created with positive intention and no two pieces are ever the same.
Appreciate their raw beauty and energy and your crystal will appreciate you back with the healing she has to offer.
Some crystals are unique, rare and extremely precious, so if you are drawn to a particular piece that I feature on the website, she may be calling you to have her.

Usually, I cannot find another one like it.

Enjoy the magic and beauty that each piece shares with you.