All Seeing Eye Pendant Silver

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Our all-seeing eye amulet is part of the interchangeable pieces in our Charmed collection.

It can be slid on and off your hoops and chains as you are called or guided to wear.


Symbol Meaning 

The true meaning of the all- seeing eye is that the eye symbolises the eye of God watching over humanity.

It symbolises the opening of our mind's consciousness and source, represented by the rays of knowledge flowing in to "see"

The symbol is powerful and has been the centre of much controversy over the years, although the truth of the symbol is just that- God is watching favourably over where the symbol is placed.

With the rays depicting the energy of the light and the triangle depicting the holy trinity.  


AMULET: measures15mm x 10mm

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver

listing is for each piece, please order 2 if you would like a pair