Ametrine Emerald Cut

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Our high-quality Ametrine exudes crown chakra activation as her gentle purple, yellow glow initiates an awakening of soul and an exploration of intuition. 

Stone Meaning 


Ametrine is a naturally formed crystal featuring amethyst and Citrine.

Ametrine is all about balance and a beautiful dance between the activation of the third eye and the solar plexus.

She gives us the foresight to tune into our psychic gifts and allows us to see, feel and align with our desires.

Ametrine is a powerful awakening of our truth, and her frequency gives us a sense of clarity, peace and the ability to clear messy or overwhelming thoughts.

She propels us forward by activating our own psychic awakening and allowing us to trust the process.

Connection with ametrine conjures magic and is a beautiful journey to source energy. 

Soothes night terrors and shields vulnerable auras for psychic protection. 

She is the ultimate third eye awakening and sharpens spiritual connection, visions and interpretations of downloads from source.

All our Ametrine is of the highest quality and sourced ethically from Brazil, the depth of her colour is completely natural and exudes the highest frequency.

The Ametrine in this batch features inclusions of Citrine.

As this is natural Ametrine, please use the images as a guide, each piece differs.

Ishk Jewels

All our jewellery is made by hand with natural crystals and high-quality materials.  Each  Ishk piece of jewellery comes in its own luxury gift box.

We also include a handwritten card with the meaning of your piece.


LENGTH: placed on a 40cm chain with extensions to 45cm

CRYSTALS:  All our Ametrine is natural.

Gemstone measures 14mm x 10mm.  Exquisitely emerald cut and faceted to emphasise her beauty.

MATERIALS : 14K Gold filled, Rose Gold Filled or Stirling Silver Chain.

Please place crystal preference for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comments

Image is our Isis chain. 

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