Luna Portal Amulet

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Amulet to Ether, a portal to another realm.


Hand drawn by Paige from Prism & Fleur, this amulet brings two mystical souls together in creation of the ethereal, the gateway to Ether using the powerful frequency of Luna.

Showcasing precious gemstones, detailed artwork, and refined detail, Ether amulet takes the soul on a journey through the heavens, to another place, a strangely familiar place, filled with magic and soul awakening symbolism.

Stone & Symbol Meaning 


The Moon's Rays rain down upon earth.

Her divine feminine energy is fertile with abundance and light, illuminating the moonstone she rains upon.  

The watering of the lotus in this ethereal frequency grants her an awakening of the mind to other realms and worlds beyond this one.

This amulet is the portal to ether ~ spirit

A gateway to another place in the frequency of divine feminine.


In all her translucent beauty, rainbow moonstone is connected to Luna (moon) and a divine feminine goddess frequency. She awakens the divine feminine that slumbers and allows the soul to embrace all she is and all she is capable of. 

Moonstone is fertile energy radiating the soul's desire to create.


Tanzanite facilitates a raised level of consciousness and opens the portal to higher spiritual dimensions. It is for this reason we have embedded tanzanite on the outer edges of our portal, as she guides the soul into the gateway 


LENGTH : adjustable chain 42cm features 2 adjustment options to 47cm

CRYSTALS : features over 3 x 1.2mm natural AAA rainbow moonstone natural gemstones, 6 x 1.2mm AAA natural tanzanite gemstones 

AMULET : Amulet is solid and measures 28mm long x 14mm wide and feature embossed and engraved versions of hand drawn artistry by Prism & Fleur and Ishk

Branded with ishk 

MATERIALS : 14K Gold Vermeil, 14K Rose Gold Vermeil or Stirling Silver chain & natural gemstones. 

Styling tip : your hero piece 

Please place crystal preference for triple goddess and crystal soft willow in comments.

Crystals on our daydream chain are moonstone and authentic AAA grade herkimers diamonds.

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