Ankh Egyptian Crystal Symbol

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Our solid crystal ankhs are the perfect adornment for your home or office space, bringing the frequency of protection and divine creation.

A powerful ancient symbol that brings with it an amplification of completion and the key to one of the most heightened and powerfully frequencies of protection and awakening.

Stone & Symbol Meaning 


We awaken an Ancient Egyptian Spell with the powerful symbol of the Ankh.

The ankh is the key of life, with the symbol stirring deeply powerful invocations and awakening secrets of the ancients.

A powerful reminder of our purpose, our gift and the key to "Creation" 

The symbol represents the water, earth, air and sun. 

The cohesion of heaven and earth, the intertwining of the divine feminine and masculine, the key to eternal life.

The ankh symbol is divinely and closely associated with Egyptian Gods Osiris, Isis and Ra

It was also placed in tombs after death to ensure a safe transition into the afterlife and gift of eternal life.

A divine symbol offering one of the highest forms of protective energy to the wearer or beholder. 

Ishk Jewels

Our solid crystal ankhs are carved by hand and available in 3 crystal specimens,

Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz


Ankhs Measure between 9.5cm and 11cm tall and 1.5cm to 2cm thick.

As our ankhs are carved by hand, sizes vary slightly. 

All Crystals are completely natural and may exhibit variances in the crystal itself