Aquamarine Wand


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Aquamarine Wand 

Crystal Collection 

Product Details 

This powerful crystal infuses a truth in our hearts and mind and assures us we are loved, we are perfect the way we are and not to leave your truths unspoken. 

She works with the throat chakra to invoke confidence and speak the souls true language from heart. 

This particular aquamarine is a calming pale blue and extremely rare in her cylindrical form.

These pieces are all lovingly extracted from earth in their natural form and therefore vary in length and thickness. 

Each piece is delicately wrapped in 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver wire and floats vertically on the necklace.

Variation in size may determine your chain length.

We recommend the smaller - medium pieces to sit around 45cm - 50cm and the larger to sit around the 60cm length.

Please expect and embrace the beauty of natural variances

"She gazes across the glistening waters of the ocean as she listens for her calling. Speak, my girl, for your truth is heard and received with love and validation"


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