Archer - Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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Part of our kid's collection, the Archer necklace was inspired by my son "Archer" the Sagitarrian.

This pendant is completely hand-made and engraved with symbolism inside the arrows core.

The arrow represents direction, focus and confidence - alignment.

Inset into the arrows head is Lapis Lazuli representing strength, confidence and awakening the warrior within.

Tiny engravings of crosses (kisses) and triangles (connected balance) are engraved by hand into the arrow, taken directly from Archer's drawings.

Stone Meaning 


Lapis Lazuli is a stone used to open the mind and give enlightenment.  It is used to encourage self- awareness and awaken confidence, to unveil what the soul is truly capable and instil a belief in that 

For little boys & girls that are truly sensitive and are still finding their voice. 


LENGTH: please choose your length by age in the options below

PENDANT: Each arrow measures 15mm long and is embedded with a triangular shaped hand cut lapis lazuli.



Please stipulate if the pendant is for a boy or girl as this will determine the chain style we use.

Curb chain will be used for a boy and cable chain for a girl