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The horned Ram.  Although depicted as a masculine embodiment of symbolism, he embraces the divine feminine in all her sacredness, in the curl of his horns and the shape of his eyes

The strength and intensity of the Aries woman is admirable. She is unafraid to stand for her right and the rights of humanity. 

Her stance is strong, grounded and embedded with a divine sense of magic unlike the other signs as she dares to challenge the boundaries and challenge what is perceived to be the norm

Do not stand in the way of the Ram, the sheer fierceness in his eyes is warning alone that what is called to be done, shall be done.

A beautifully exposed Aries has a heart that craves a soft and passionate love and is reciprocal on some of the deepest and most beautiful levels.

The Ram wears the crown of Star (fire) in our pendant depiction and hold the Luna energy beneath her.

Healed Aries 

The healed expression of Aries is grounded and exudes a strength and courage that others flock to embody. She is passionate in her expression of emotion in the powerful vibration of love. Her energy is alluring and hypnotic, herding a tribe of likeminded souls to her tribe effortlessly.

Unhealed Aries

The unhealed Aries can be extremely passionate on many levels, some that do not seek to serve her.  Fan her flames and she is quick to erupt. When poked or prodded in an unhealthy way, the Ram sees red and passion can quickly change to anger that does not serve well.


Stone Meaning


Garnet is embedded into the Rams soul star chakra to keep the Aries connected to Earth and channel her passion in a expression supported by the grounding energy of Garnet.  The Garnet allows her fire to burn in a beautifully controlled energy allowing her passionate vibration to shine. 

Elemental of Fire

She is connected to the element of fire, she is changeable and powerful in evoking and calling in what needs to be so, yet also releasing in a healthy balanced way what no longer serves.  Aries fire energy is so beautifully divine, even in the height of her expression, that her energy becomes somewhat addictively alluring. 


** our healed and unhealed expressions of our zodiac can be ever flowing and everchanging throughout our life journey. It may be triggered by events, wounding or the stories in all our chapters on our journey.


LENGTH: placed on a 42cm chain with adjustments to 45cm

AMULET: Aries pendant measures 16-18mm featuring 4 x 1.2mm garnet faceted crystals 

MATERIALS: 14K Gold Vermeil, 14k Rose Gold Vermeil & Stirling Silver

Snake chain available only in gold or silver

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