herkimer diamond necklace mini

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She is a pure authentic herkimer diamond radiating a light energy that aligns the soul into her truth and purpose. She can tune into any frequency and allow your soul to feel at ease and journey through any situation.

She is small and delicate, although her power and frequency are not to be underestimated.

Her desire is to evoke higher learning and begin spiritual ascension so your soul can elevate and achieve a state of spiritual awakening and alignment.

Changes are in motion with Herkimer diamonds.  She is truly magical and more of a long-term experience and journey for the soul.

If Herkimer becomes too energetically intense to wear for long periods of time, take a short break and revisit her when you are called to wear her.

All the Herkimer's sourced for this piece are Herkimer diamonds in AAA grade, meaning they are light filled and hold no carbon inclusions.

Our Herkimer's are naturally sourced direct from Herkimer County and are not shaped or cut, therefore a perfect symmetrical shape is not always achieved.

You are purchasing an authentic high graded AAA water clear Herkimer diamond 

All chains are 38-42cm long

** if no crystals are specifed for triple goddess chain, baby Herkimer's will be used.

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