Bastet Protection Earring

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Bastet Protection Earring


An earring that you will never take off.

Designed to protect and deflect, this beautiful replica of the elliptical shape (feminine) is shrouded in deep symbolism and ancient language 

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

Our Bastet earring uses the symbol of Bastet's eye as a symbol of protection

Bastet is a depicted in ancient Egypt as that of a fierce lion (feline) that was the protector of lower Egypt (common folk)

She was revered for her goddess status of women's secrets, fertility and childbirth.

The guardian of the soul of the divine feminine

Bastet cats eye earring fiercely protects the wearer and infuses the energy of divine balance and psychic power.

In many parts of Egypt, Bastet also became known as the Goddess of The Moon, and was thought to be both the eye of the moon and the eye of Ra.

We have placed a marquise shaped moonstone suspended from Bastet's eye to call in this power energy portal to sacred feminine.


MOUNT: Eye measures 1cm across embedded with a 3mm iolite, featuring a rainbow moonstone marquise set 8mm

DROP: 1.5cm drop, lightweight for everyday wear 

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, stirling silver

CRYSTAL: features a 3mm solitaire iolite and 8mm moonstone.