Black Tourmaline Necklace

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Grounded Protection 

Chakra : Root / Base

Mantra " I am in complete control of the energy I allow into my space, I am strong and I am shielded." 

An essential piece to have in your collection. 

She is a strong grounding energy that allows you to take back your own energy and become unaffected by the effect of lower frequencies.

Energy can only enter your frequency if you allow it. 

Black tourmaline will guide you to set strong boundaries in relationships. This is where the magic really happens as you start to reclaim your own energy and foster healthier, positive relationships.

She is an electrically charged crystal by nature and can also ward off unwanted spirits and is a guardian against spiritual attack.

Her energy is so grounded, she can teach you to correctly channel and place direct signals to universe to aide in the law of attraction.

Take her guidance and watch your relationships and who is drawn to you transform.

Although her energy is strong, most people find it resonates well and works immediately.

Please cleanse her frequently to avoid her accumulating negative energy 

We love a full moon cleanse, water cleanse in the shower or laying her on a bed of rock salt 


All our black tourmaline in this listing are for terminated points

All pieces are shaped and cut from natural black tourmaline, you will be able to see the natural grooves and ridges in each pieces.

Pieces measure between 15 - 25mm 

Some of our black tourmaline include natural white marble veining 

We source the bulk of our black tourmaline directly from Peshawar, its natural birth place. 

All black tourmaline in this listing is placed on a 45cm chain 


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