Blue Isis Earrings

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Blue Wings of Isis Amulet 


The wings of Isis were designed by Ishk, inspired by ancient mythology and mysticism, holding a deeply powerful frequency, drawing on the symbols of a time before now, a realm unlike any world we have ever lived upon.

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis was a powerful deity associated with motherhood, fertility, magic, and wisdom.

We have cast the wings of Isis in silver, gold and rose gold, forever preserving their powerful symbolism.

At the jewel of the crown is a perfect AAA genuine blue sapphire, illuminating the energy of the wearer, enshrining them in their brilliant frequency of crown chakra and third eye activation. 

The crown of the goddess Hathor holds the blue sapphire in her sacred cradle. 

Hathor is connected to the eye of Ra and Horus and the merging of these two powerful symbols activates a frequency so powerful, the wearer must be ready.

You are divinely protected with this sacred piece; you are able to ward off what is not in alignment and those that may not have the best intention for you at heart

The blue sapphire activates the crown which allows the wearer to tap into higher consciousness, into intuition, into the source beyond this realm, accessing knowledge through dreams, waking visions and calling a power so deeply and divinely connected to both Hathor and Isis.

Blue Isis sets a new destination for the soul, she will awaken much of the gifts that have been sleeping and will do so in a spectacular fashion.

This piece has personally awakened parts of me that I had yearned to reawaken.

Are you ready? 


EARRING: 2 X handmade Isis Wings suspended on a 30mm handmade ring embedded with genuine faceted peridot 

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, stirling silver, rose gold vermeil 

AMULET: measures 30mm x 16mm (wings 

CRYSTAL: 2 x 3-4mm Genuine Faceted Blue Sapphire & 4 x genuine 4mm Peridot