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Element ~ Earth

Embedded Gem ~ Green Garnet 

She holds herself in high esteem and is driven to succeed

Capricorn has a practical and logical mind and views the reality of Earth through a clear lens

Logic is her driving force for success, of which she strives for continually.  Its is not unusual for her to consistently overshoot the mark and achieve what she feasts her eyes upon more often than not.

She is impressed and comfortable with status and is unafraid of over achieving in all aspects of her existence and will do so despite the cost.

Capricorn relishes in Earthly delights and even requires them to a degree, showcasing the energy she has placed upon acquiring them. 

In our pendant, Capricorn is depicted by the sea goat who is connected to ancient mythology and is half goat, half fish. The horns represent "horns of plenty " or abundance.

Healed Capricorn

The healed expression of Capricorn is a beautifully balanced elixir of confidence, success and wisdom.  She is effortlessly with words and creates connection through her gentle kind energy. An enviable practicality and rational approach to emotional instances allows the healed Capricorn to aim high and achieve her desires easily.

Unhealed Capricorn 

The unhealed Capricorn is the master of their own downfall. They can appear to push the people closest to them away in an ongoing tug of war. They have a tendency to over analyze and attempt to control all that crosses their path. Capricorns can feel particularly uncomfortable and insecure if they are out of alignment.


Green Garnet   

Green Garnet floats around the mythical sea goat in a sea of plenty.  She vibrates in a high frequency that calls in abundance and prosperity.  She unlocks the heart chakra to create a harmonious balance between success and love and helps Capricorn to come into a sense of calm without allowing her to become lost in the pursuit of success. For true abundance and happiness dwells in our hearts.

Elemental of Earth

She is connected to the element of Earth and is stable and grounded more often than not.  Balance and order just as nature intends is her desire.  The energy of Earth allows Capricorns patience just as the wait for a bud to flower takes time before the beauty is bestowed upon us, capricorn will also move in tune with Earths pace as she is called do.

** our healed and unhealed expressions of our zodiac can be ever flowing and everchanging throughout our life journey. It may be triggered by events, wounding or the stories in all our chapters on the journey.

Capricron pendant measures 16-18mm and is available in 14k soft yellow gold vermeil, 14k rose gold vermeil or sterling silver. 

She features 5 x 1.2mm Green Garnet  faceted crystals.

Each Pendant is placed on a 45cm - 50cm chain featuring an extension option of 2cm

Please note in comments if you would like her shorter.

Figure 8 Chain only available in Gold

Snake Chain only available in Gold and Silver 

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