Chakra Crystal Ring

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Chakra Ring 


Chakra : all 

Mantra : " I am a pure balanced being of light "

Our Chakra rings are made completely by hand and feature 7 stones connected to each energy portal of the spiritual body.

Beginning at the root chakra with red garnet for grounding and strength in foundation.

Carnelian represents the sacral chakra evoking passion, intimacy and creativity.

Citirine in the solar plexus to awaken the identity and balance ego.

Peridot is sitting in the heart centre and awaken and activates the hearts love frequency

Aquamarine is placed in the band for the throat chakra, the speaking and receiving of truth.

Blue Sapphire activates and awakens the third eye 

Finally, amethyst, opens the crown chakra to psychically receive intuitive guidance

The metals are textured and hand beaten for an ancient energy.

This talisman holds an "om" frequency, one that is completely calming and aligning to all the chakras similtaneously.


Hand made on a thick set band 4mm wide by 2mm thick

made for everyday wear from gold vermeil, sterling silver and rose gold vermeil

** please note that wear of the ring may occur after continuous wear, this is expected and the aging only adds the personality of your piece.

This add character and beauty in line with our ancients feel

All bases are made with Sterling Silver.

All sizing is in US sizing 

All ishk rings are made by hand in small batches. Sizes, shapes and hand engravings may vary slightly between each piece. Expect beauty and energy in her abundance in each hand crafted creation.