champagne diamond quartz necklace

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grounded ascension

Chakra : base/root and third eye 

Mantra : " I embrace the next level of my spiritual journey, by walking into ascension, completely grounded and completely ready"

We have sourced a rare batch of the highest quality AAA grade champagne diamond quartz

The clarity of these rare beauties are beyond wordly as she reflects prisms of delicately filtered light through her magical heart. 

Her energy is a gently grounding vibration, that aligns easily with the base chakra to connect and share a frequency akin to being in a tranquil forest.

She is less intense than a golden or clear herkimer diamond as she gently takes you by the hand and leads you into alignment, guiding you to trust your intuition and teaching you to "trust" the signs and messages from universe (source)

Her energy is incredibly connected to Gaia and subtly encouraging. 

We have a small batch of champagne diamond quartz which hold incredible magic.

The diamonds in this collection are rare and hold some carbon inclusions of ancient earth, billions of years old


Our Chain Sizes 

Small (10-12mm) 40-42cm chain

Medium (12-15mm) 45-48cm chain 

Large (15-18mm) 50-55cm chain 

** All solid gold chains will measure 45cm

** If no crystals are specified on the triple Goddess Chain , baby herkimers will be used

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