Cleansing & Protection Pack (Large)

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Our cleansing and protection packs are curated by hand with all the tools you need to cleanse, move and shift negative and denser energy out of your home.

Curated by Ishk Jewels & Luna Soul Tarot, this protection pack is an essential staple, that should be part of your regular housekeeping to ensure a beautiful flow of energy and keeping the physical space in a state of high vibration.


  • Large 150gram jar Protection Blend, hand blended loose incense. (6 month supply approx) by Luna Soul Tarot
  • Witches Black Salt (6 month supply)
  • 1 small cast iron cauldron with carry handle (optional addition)
  • 5 charcoal discs for cultivating your burn
  • Charcoal tongs in Brass (optional)
  • 1 x Palo Santo or Small Sage Bundle ( approx 3-4 month supply of burn)
  • 1 x selenite piece for front entrance gridding 
  • 1 x black tourmaline raw form for gridding front entrance
  • 1 x clear quartz embossed with protection sigil 

If you select all the options, you will not need to repurchase your fireproof vessel (caludron), or tongs.

Your essential tools can be used forever.

Ishk Jewels 

Your protection pack is packaged in a pink ishk branded gift box.


  • Protection Blend by Luna Soul Tarot

1x 150gram large jar of hand blended incense crafted with organic herbs and especially curated due to their protective properties. (approx 6 -8 month supply)

  • Witches Black Salt

Large jar of handblended highly protective witches black salt 

  • Cast Iron Cauldron (small)

1 x black cauldoron 7cm wide x 5cm high made in cast iron and designed to burn herbs, incense and cleansing blends.

  • 5 x Charcoal Discs

lasts 5 uses, for the cultivating and burning of your loose incense.

  • Charcoal tongs

Brass Charcoal tongs 14cm with ring for hanging when not in use

  • Palo Santo - holy wood for moving and shifting negative and lower vibration energy (masculine energy)
  • White Grandfather Sage (mini) Authentic organic white grandfather sage 12cm long for moving and cleansing energy.

Crystals Inclusions - 1 x Selenite Stick (approx 10cm long) 1 x medium size tourmaline

Oue Protection kit includes instructions on how to use you charcoal discs and hand blended incense. We also have a video online that walks you through the entire cleansing process.

How Often Should You Cleanse?

You should cleanse at least once a month, although if your home/ space feels heavy, dense or the environment is more irritable than usual, cleanse as often as you feel.

Gridding with crystals is an effective way to guard your threshold and deter negative energy from entering the home. Hide the selenite in the entrance walkway to your home or a pot plant and place black tourmaline by your front entrance.