Wings Of Isis Amulet

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Wings Of Isis Amulet 


The wings of Isis were designed by Ishk inspired by ancient mythology and mysticism, holding a deeply powerful frequency, drawing on the symbols of a time before now, a realm unlike any world we have ever lived upon.

Symbol and Crystal Meaning

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, was a powerful deity associated with motherhood, fertility, magic, and wisdom.

We have cast the wings of Isis in silver and gold, forever encapsulating their powerful symbolism

At the jewel of the crown is a perfect rainbow moonstone cabochon initiating this powerful piece into one of the most powerful divine frequencies connected to the energy of protection , transformation and ascension.

Our moonstone is cradled by the almighty crown of Hathor, making this piece one of the most powerful protective pieces in our collection

The wings of Isis allow her to transcend earthly limitations and reach for higher realms of consciousness.

This is related to the myth of Isis and Osiris, which tells the story of how Isis used her magic to transform her husband Osiris into a god after he was killed by his jealous brother Set.

Her vibrations also offers the ability to rise above all that does not align and connect with divine forces.

This is linked to the concept of ma'at, which refers to the Egyptian ideal of harmony, balance, and order in the universe.

As the wings span to great heights, she embraces the
divine feminine offering the nurturing and protective aspects of the goddess.

A powerful amulet designed to evoke an intense
Energy of protection, transformation, ascension, and the divine feminine. 


LENGTH: 45cm chain featuring a 2 x 2cm extension

MATERIAL: gold vermeil, stirling silver.

AMULET: measures 39mm x

CRYSTAL: 6mm rainbow cabochon moonstone   

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